NutraSweet® means you don't have to sacrifice sweet taste to achieve a balanced diet because aspartame makes foods and beverages sweet without sugar or calories.
The NutraSweet Company's library of diet, nutrition and health information on sweeteners is available to you at this site. Here you can learn about the remarkable benefits of aspartame as a non-nutritive sweetener. We'll help you find information on its discovery and the results of more than 20 years of intensive scientific study. Click on any of the topics below or use the search function to go where you want.
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Is aspartame safe?
Yes, aspartame's safety has been documented in more than 100 objective scientific studies.
A Guide to Interpreting Health Reports
This guide will help you to better evaluate the health information you read and form an educated opinion on its content.
What is aspartame?
Aspartame, commonly known as NutraSweet® brand sweetener, is a nutritive sweetener that provides the sweet taste of sugar at a fraction of the calories. Aspartame is made up of components found naturally in common foods.
Views on Sweeteners
Taking steps to assure appropriate calorie intake is important for so many people.
More than 200 scientific studies have been conducted over the span of about 30 years with laboratory animals and a cross-section of men, women and children.
The American Diabetes Association has stated that aspartame is acceptable as a sugar substitute for diabetics.
Consumers can easily enjoy products sweetened with aspartame as part of a healthful diet.
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